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Kodaira Hirakushi Denchu Art Museum

Update day: February 19, 2020 (Raiwa 2)  Making department: Regional promotion Department Culture and Sports Sec.

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Plan exhibition

Plan exhibition "- than flowers and birds poetic genius - Hirakushi Denchu collection"

<< mirror lion >> It is photograph of this

Including masterpiece << mirror lion >>, we can thoroughly enjoy Hirakushi Denchu art.

Photograph of Hirakushi Denchu

Great master, Hirakushi Denchu of modern sculpture was 107-year-old longevity and was active artist throughout the life.

The appearance photograph of memorial hall

Memorial hall to be able to enjoy beauty of building and garden of architect Hiroshi Oe.

Photograph of book

If "I to have when if we do not do it now do not do, sauce does"

English kan*chubun han*chubun 한국어




1-7-5, Gakuennishimachi, Kodaira-shi

Kodaira Hirakushi Denchu Art Museum

Telephone: 042-341-0098

FAX: 042-341-0098

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